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The "Mosaic Workshop and Competition" will be held between 20th and 22nd  November in the international arena. This contest will also contribute to the promotion of the mosaic museum of our province, aiming to be an important center of mosaic work in Şanlıurfa city. The valuable mosaic artists, who will give work on the international scene, will exhibit their works  in the competition.

Mosaic Contest awards
First         : 15.000 TL
Second    : 10.000 TL
Third        : 7,5.500 TL
and mentions.

Competitors who want to participate in the contest should download the application form from the bottom link and fill in the necessary fields and then send an e-mail to mozaik@sanliurfa.bel.tr.  Application deadline 20/10/2017

Contact Information
Tourism and Promotion Department: (0414) 216 13 50
Necmi KARADAĞ     : 0532 780 5991
Burcu İĞRET           : 0543 790 5507
Meral DEDECAN     : 0533 497 1643


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